It is well known in the fitness industry that martial arts and/or martial arts training is an excellent way to improve your fitness and above all to get rid of a few pounds.
Almost every major fitness facility that has a course program offers a course based on movement patterns from various martial arts disciplines. Training at Wing Tzun is therefore also an excellent way to lose a few pounds of excess.

The advantages are, of course, that you train in a group, which increases motivation and makes for more fun than training alone. In addition, the movements are relatively complex and dynamic, which in contrast to equipment training, allows you to reach all muscle groups, including the deep muscles. Through the blows, kicks and the frequent movements from the hip, the whole body and not only individual parts are in motion and besides the calories you lose, you also improve your coordination skills, train your sense of balance, strengthen your body and your cardiovascular system. The movement sequences ensure that you remain loose and agile. However, the movements are not too complicated, so that they are relatively easy to learn for everyone and you can start right away without any previous knowledge. Nevertheless one has a rich spectrum at varied movements and thus it becomes never boring.