Wing Tzun for Men

Self-defence is often referred to as self-defence especially for women or children, which is of course due to the mostly physical inferiority of these groups. However, self-defence is also an issue for men, as everyone can be able to defend themselves.

Thus Wing Tzun also offers the gentlemen of creation the possibility to defend themselves realistically and effectively.

It also improves general fitness in the form of strength, endurance, speed, agility and trains concentration and coordination skills. Wing Tzun offers people, who are very busy in their work and exposed to a lot of stress, a change and a piece of recovery from everyday stress by alternating tension and relaxation during training.

Further positive side effects are that Wing Tzun is good for self-confidence, helps to reduce anxiety and is really suitable for everyone. This means that you do not have to bring any special physical characteristics and are not bound by age. In the men's group, men of all ages train up to seniors.

In our men's group women can also train with us to learn how to deal with the strength of a male attacker!

Since our training does not require any extraordinary abilities, even people with physical limitations can train and learn with us!