Wing Tzun for Kids

Children from 3 years and adolescents

In our society, children in particular are unfortunately often exposed to physical violence, mostly from other children. Our Wing Tzun training has a lot of positive aspects especially for children. First of all they are active during the training and almost always in motion. However, it is very important for our little ones to learn to assess their own strengths and to deal with them in a meaningful way. They learn, like our adults, a complete self-defense system, but unlike the adults, they learn this mostly in a playful way. The children are taught that a calm word is always better than to beat each other up.

We offer especially children with a low self-confidence the possibility to increase their self-esteem. There is a lot of training in partner exercises and so children, who have difficulties to connect or to approach others, have the possibility to make contacts. We also make sure that everyone is trained with everyone and that the training partners are swapped from time to time. The aim is to train children from different social backgrounds, cultures, etc. together and to show them how to solve conflicts without violence. In addition, the focus is on teaching key social skills and social values such as mutual respect, discipline and tolerance.

We offer children the opportunity to develop in a space free of any competitive pressure. This is particularly important for children who suffer from this competitive pressure.
Because we live in an achievement-oriented society and are compared and measured against each other on a daily basis. In addition, concentration, strength, speed, mobility, endurance and especially coordination skills are trained in the training. The training with the claws serves especially to reduce excess aggression, although the children should also learn in special relaxation units to come to rest and relax.

To sum up, it can be said that here the children are offered the opportunity to develop themselves further in various areas of life and to draw strength for the great tasks that life has in store for them.