Escrima is a centuries-old Filipino martial art. The term refers to a mainly armed martial art in which the focus is on stick and blade techniques (double sword, spear, sword and shield, as well as knife). Escrima also includes unarmed fighting, i.e. wrestling, Philippine boxing and kicking. The term Escrima comes from the Spanish word "esgrima", which means fencing. Escrima is first trained with an approximately 60 cm long rattan stick; advanced students learn the simultaneous handling of two sticks & machetes as well as long stick.

The techniques consist of: Striking, blocking, gripping, disarming and throwing techniques.

Everyday objects that can be used for self-defence in an emergency: Brooms, umbrellas, handbags, a bunch of keys or even a rolled up newspaper, etc..

Advantages of the Escrima:

  • Is an effective system for self-defense
  • Strengthens strength and endurance and general fitness
  • trains reflexes, coordination and speed
  • Does not place any special physical demands on strength or mobility
  • Just having fun