Wing Tzun for women

From the point of view of a woman

What does a man who tries to use physical violence against a woman want? He wants to show us that he is physically superior to us, that he oppresses us. He wants to use his physical superiority as power over us. Women are often beaten unconscious, which is not difficult, as only a single targeted blow is needed. Our entire bone structure is more delicate and much weaker than that of a man. Of course, men also use physical superiority when they want to rape a woman.

Unfortunately, the strength of a woman is not sufficient to defend herself against a violent man. So we have to use other means. We need the right technique and speed, which we can learn here. The techniques are constantly repeated (muscle memory), so that in case of emergency we don't have to think long about what to do, but our whole body simply reacts and has the right answer to every attack. I have a lot of techniques at my disposal for this. Even the contents of a handbag can be very useful.

The victims are often rigid with fear and unable to move or absolutely hysterical. At Wing Tzun I learn not to freeze with fear through targeted training, but to trust my learned abilities and to use them in a targeted way. If a woman gets into a conflict with a physically superior opponent, she is dependent on targeted and effective techniques against the weak points of the attacker. Here I am not taught that after enough training I mutate into a wonder woman, but that I am still physically inferior to a man. But if it comes down to it my learned techniques help me to defend myself immediately and to escape from my attacker, respectively to beat him into flight. This is the aspect of self-defense, but women also have the opportunity to get to know the level of competitive sports.

In addition, Wing Tzun training promotes general fitness in the form of strength, endurance, speed and agility, and concentration and coordination skills are trained. It offers people, who are very busy in their work and exposed to a lot of stress, a change and a piece of recovery from everyday stress by alternating tension and relaxation during training. It should not be forgotten that women can do something about a lack of self-confidence and learn to overcome certain fears.