In martial arts, it's like everywhere in life. It depends on giving in at certain moments and being soft, like blades of grass and being hard and unyielding like a tree trunk at other moments. It is these two qualities that must be combined. Water can flow quietly, splash and drip and adapt to flow through the narrowest crevices. However, it can also unleash an incredible destructive force and strike hard. A martial artist should always keep this image in mind. To adapt at the right moment, to have the right answer is of elementary importance.

We discover ourselves in training and learn to control our powers and emotions. Because the only and biggest opponent we have is ourselves. We should always use the strength we possess to achieve our goals, but never violate the limits of others or the personal freedom of others. That is why things we learn in training can only be used for our own or for the protection of others.

An important goal should be to come into harmony with ourselves and to follow our path calmly and calmly. Of course things will influence us from outside and we will have to succumb to these influences in some areas or make compromises on our way. What is important is that we are aware of this and never lose sight of our goals, because we are disoriented without goals.

For me, Wing Tzun is more than just martial arts; it also describes my attitude to life. It helps us all to recognize our strengths and weaknesses, to explore our limits and to go through life with a positive attitude.

Sifu Hassan Mahamid